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Marshall Tanick voices Opinion on Supreme Court appointment


The following appeared in the Opinion section of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. For more information on the story being discussed check out the article below.

No Better Selection

Gov. Mark Dayton could not have made a better selection for the state Supreme Court than Margaret Chutich (“Dayton names first openly gay judge to state Supreme Court,” Jan. 23). As one who  has worked with her as a colleague, occasionally  against her as an adversary, and argued several cases in front of her as a lawyer during the  past four years she has been serving on the Court of Appeals, I have always found her to be extremely bright, insightful and invariably well-prepared, as well as courteous to counsel and respectful of the litigants. I know that this is a view shared by nearly everyone in the legal community who has had contact with her, which may account for why no one even ran against her in 2014 when she was up for election following her initial appointment to the bench.

But her greatest strength may be her empathy for people. She understands the plight of the underprivileged and those  who have been  denied equal access or opportunity for justice. While her actions as a lawyer in private practice, prosecutor of criminal offenses and jurist have been eminently thoughtful and unbiased, she has brought to her positions a perspective that augurs well for the  continued dispensation of justice with equality and fairness for all.

Gov. Dayton deserves high marks for his judicial appointments over the past five-plus years, and the Chutich elevation from the appellate court might be one of his best.

Marshall H. Tanick, Attorney at Law